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Our Team

We value our team members and foster the creativity and independence of each person. With our focus on safety, quality, and sustainability, we empower  our team to deliver value to our customers, stakeholders, partners and community members.


The INCOA sales team is excited to bring to you a focused lineup of carefully engineered, high-quality, high-performance fine and ultrafine ground calcium carbonates. INCOA Performance Minerals provides support throughout your purchase cycle; team members in Customer and Technical Service, Production, Quality and Logistics support our Sales Team to help you meet your manufacturing needs. We are a team that is transparent, responsive, focused, supportive and reliable.

Just as our products differentiate themselves from the ordinary, so do our sales and service efforts. With years of experience in the calcium carbonate industry, our team uses a consultative approach to technical sales. We provide sales and technical support to assist you in your product selection and its use. Our promise is to deliver the right product, on time and in good condition.

As evidence of this approach, you will notice a difference in the data we provide to support your company. Our Certificates of Analysis include a wealth of information not typically shared in today’s market. We have also tailored our analyses to make the data we supply more pertinent to your process. Our products are designed to assist your production, with steep particle distribution curves, low top cuts, low levels of ultrafine particles, and more.

Allow the INCOA team to supply your high-quality ground calcium carbonate needs – We guarantee you’ll see a difference!


Our INCOA Performance Minerals Logistics Team utilizes best in class technologies, processes, and more than 50 years of combined experience to achieve on-time and consistent delivery of the right calcium carbonate products, in the right packaging, to the correct location in a cost-efficient manner.

Our primary business is to manufacture outstanding ground calcium carbonate products, but we understand that getting product to your door, when you need it is also critical to your success. We offer seamless solutions for transporting product to our customers. Solutions include bulk pneumatic truck and rail, palleted super sacs, and 50 pound  bags that can be delivered via truck, rail, and river barge.

We also provide transportation and logistic solutions to companies worldwide using ocean container shipping out of the Port of Mobile. INCOA is positioned to provide our customers with packaging, technical services, transloading options, transportation (rail, truck, marine) and the equipment necessary for “end-to-end” logistics solutions. Our integrated approach offers customers the abilty to improve project safety, increase efficiency, and ultimately obtain lower overall costs.

Our Logistics Team works closely with our Sales and Customer Service Teams  to ensure your business success. By practicing a philosophy of mutual benefit, INCOA will create superior value to be the preferred partner of customers.

Technical Service

We are committed to providing the best fine and ultrafine ground calcium carbonate products on the market. Our Technical Service Team  will provide comprehensive technical data that’s relevant to your product applications . We’ll respond to your needs and focus on tangible ways to promote your success through collaborative and transparent interactions.

By leveraging our deep understanding of the technical attributes of our engineered InCal® products, we provide more than in-specification products. We embrace customer feedback, and use industry-transforming, top-level technological tools to expand the supplier role to that of a partner. We will work with you to optimize the performance of our mineral in your manufacturing environment.

The members of our Technical Service laboratory rely on a suite of instruments and experience to investigate the performance of our products in your applications. We apply analytical rigor in the use of our top-of-the-line laser-diffraction particle size analyzers, infrared spectroscopes, thermal analytical tools and other instruments and techniques specific to understanding ground calcium carbonate products and their end-use behaviors.

Customer Service

We’re committed to providing outstanding fine and ultrafine ground calcium carbonate products to our customers.  We understand that customers require more than quality products.  They also rely on us to support the products we sell.  At INCOA, Quality products include quality customer service.

Our Customer Service Team is invested in providing our customers with the support they need to use our products in their unique applications.  By focusing on fit-for-use products and systems, our team is empowered to respond to customer needs so customers can focus on their business goals, knowing that we stand by our products. 

To do this, our Customer Service Team is an integral part of the qualification, purchasing, production, shipping, and receiving activities at INCOA.  They know their customers’ needs so they can knowledgably and quickly  find solutions to issues that may arise through responsive, transparent and clear communications.


A calculated value that describes the breadth of the particle size distribution by looking at the size of the particle below which 90% of all particles are found (d90), the median and the size of the particle below which 10% of all particles are found (d10).

The Span is calculated from the following equation:

d90 = particle size below which 90 % of the particles are described
d10 = particle size below which 10% of the particles are described
d50 = particle size below which 50% of the particles are described, also known as the median

Broader distributions have a larger span while narrower distributions have a smaller span.

Level of Ultrafines

The percentage of the total distribution that includes particles that are 0.5 microns or smaller.

Some demanding applications require careful control of the level of very small particles. These particles can make the powder difficult to disperse and can actually absorb important components of formulations ultimately altering end-use performance.


The size below which 100% of the particles can be found.

Unlike most ground calcium carbonate suppliers, INCOA specifies at the 100% passing rather than the industry standards of 95% or 98% passing. We recognize that even very low levels of oversize particles can interfere with the performance of our products in your applications


The size below which 50% of the particles can be found.

This is the most common means of describing the size of ground calcium carbonate powders. INCOA describes our medians on the final product as-received by our customers. This means that the specification testing is performed on samples of the shipment before shipment on the final product not on material still in-process.