About Our Products

Best-In-Class Products

INCOA’s dedicated mineral reserve contains a limestone of outstanding purity and high brightness and whiteness.  The material is so pure, in fact, that it meets the purity requirements as a food additive directly out of the ground. 

However, our exceptional limestone is only the first part of providing fit-for-use products for the markets we serve.

Patent-pending technology developed from creative engineering focused on our specific feed has allowed us to make best-in-class products for a wide range of markets.

We go one step further. By focusing on the needs of those who use our products, we have developed quality control protocols that measure key attributes of each product to ensure desired  performance in our customers’ applications.  This data is shared with each shipment providing transparency and support for our customers.


A calculated value that describes the breadth of the particle size distribution by looking at the size of the particle below which 90% of all particles are found (d90), the median and the size of the particle below which 10% of all particles are found (d10).

The Span is calculated from the following equation:

d90 = particle size below which 90 % of the particles are described
d10 = particle size below which 10% of the particles are described
d50 = particle size below which 50% of the particles are described, also known as the median

Broader distributions have a larger span while narrower distributions have a smaller span.

Level of Ultrafines

The percentage of the total distribution that includes particles that are 0.5 microns or smaller.

Some demanding applications require careful control of the level of very small particles. These particles can make the powder difficult to disperse and can actually absorb important components of formulations ultimately altering end-use performance.


The size below which 100% of the particles can be found.

Unlike most ground calcium carbonate suppliers, INCOA specifies at the 100% passing rather than the industry standards of 95% or 98% passing. We recognize that even very low levels of oversize particles can interfere with the performance of our products in your applications


The size below which 50% of the particles can be found.

This is the most common means of describing the size of ground calcium carbonate powders. INCOA describes our medians on the final product as-received by our customers. This means that the specification testing is performed on samples of the shipment before shipment on the final product not on material still in-process.